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ROYAL Casino Online Entertainment/ Agreement of member application and games service

Welcome to Casino online entertainment!

In order to ensure your rights and interests, please read this agreement carefully before you register to be a member and use all the services of ROYAL online entertainment. We will consider that you have already read this agreement and agree to follow all the rules of member agreement as soon as you choose " agree " on line.

Welcome to Casino online entertainment!

1. Games protection

  • If players automated or compelled broken during the games, does not affect the outcome of the games.
  • Don't worry if you log off the website when you are playing games. You will be logged out of the games after a quiet while. And then you can logon and reconnect to ROYAL Casino online entertainment as usual.
  • During the games, you can click on the button of Help to see the help information for current games. In addition, you can click on the help button to see our help option on line.

2. Games online support

  • ROYAL Casino online entertainment is providing efficient, fast and friendly customer service for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to come through telephone:to contact our customer support center to provide 7 x 24-hour service, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. ROYAL Casino online entertainment commitment to protect your website submitted to the security of any personal information.

3. Games agreement

  • In order to avoid the controversy when betting on the website, please access the website in the former Member must carefully read this set of company rules, once customers " Consent " Enter the site betting, are considered to have accepted all the requirements.
  • All bets must be in "Special time" , otherwise bets invalid. If games have been cancelled or suspended for some reasons before beginning, the current betting will be divided into "Invalid betting", and our company will refund the all betting order.
  • Members have the responsibility in place to awaiting the outcome of the window shows a card with winning or losing determined. The company only Member " The betting details " Basis for the calculation of the content, contingencies further notice.
  • Network on game process, if there is any error or unintentional human error, the company will retain the right corrections of correct results, and "Pomading" Announced, the individual is not otherwise informed members. (Via video-game results on the scene, who with manual data entry inconsistent results, the website immediately for the right to provide video recorded in the official website for enquiries)
  • Customers have a responsibility to ensure that their accounts and access data confidentiality, any member account and password for online betting will be considered "Effective" Please to changing the original passwords before used account in the first time. If customers found or suspected unauthorized use of its own information, please inform the company or agent immediately and to change password as soon as possible (The betting order, staked before the original password changed, also as effective).
  • Each entry, customers should check their Credit limit, if have any queries of credit limit, please notify the company or agent immediately.
  • If customers automated or compelled broken during the games, does not affect the outcome of the competition.
  • In the event of disasters occurring irresistible, such as stronger invaded, data lost caused by the network problem, the notice announced by our company will be the final solution.
  • Business hours: The whole day, 24 hours.

4. Games security (ROYAL Casino online entertainment promise to respect and protect your privacy.)

  • Accounts information

    For our individual purpose, the information that provided by player in the process of open accounts should be kept secret. We do not share this information with any third party companies or organizations.The information includes e-mail addresses and others data provided by customers for application, it would only be used for its intended purpose, such as to send you cash check of winning and other information you request.

  • Bonus

    The money you won is strictly confidential. You can choose whether or not to report to the corresponding profit agencies, if the act applied to your own area.

  • Security

    We use the most effective ways to ensure your info safety. We would try our best to find the most available way to maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of your info, and protect the info shouldn't be misused or lost. If you have any other queries related to the privacy and security of information, please contact our customer center, they would provide 7 x 24 hour's service, we would be happy to do anything for you.


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